Appointments March – April, 2022

08 March – Iaw Cologne – Germany
09 March – Pte Milan – Italy
15 March – Ctco Lyon – France
23 March – Rema Days – Warsaw – Poland
24 March – Impressions Expo – Atlantic City – Usa

01 April – Imprint Western – Calgary – Canada
13 April – Premium Show – Tokyo – Japan
21 April – Giftionery Taipei – Taiwan
26 April – PSI – Dusseldorf – Germany
27 April – Gift + Premium – Hong Kong S.A.R.

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September 2021 appointments


September  7 to  8      Pte PromotionTrade – Milan – Italy

September  9 to 19 online only   HongKong Watch & Clock      

September 10 to 12         ImpressionsExpo Ft. Worth  

September 14 to 16             PromoGift Madrid   

September  15 to 17           RemaExtra Warsaw     

September 28 to October 1   Asi Show Connex   Las Vegas

ImprintCanada Toronto       potponed to January 2022         

Malaysia Gifts Fair             postponed         


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Hong Kong quarantine

Hong Kong Quarantine

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARRIVE: You will stumble around the terminal in a daze while being herded between a dozen different desks – after a long flight it feels like a bad reality TV show – during which time your Hong Kong ID and other paperwork will be checked; a quarantine order issued; your smartphone checked to ensure it’s working; and assistance provided in downloading the Stay Home Safe app. You will then be tagged with a wristband (ask them to not tie it too tightly); and finally tested again, before a fun wait in a designated seat with a sandwich, a bottle of water and packet of Ritz biscuits, until the results are ready.

Jjoin a Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal group with travellers in a similar predicament. Regulations are changing constantly, airlines are being banned and reinstated, travel corridors opening and closing, so it’s very useful to be in contact with people just a few steps ahead of you on the trail.

Homi Fashion Sept. 18 to 20

HOMI Fashion&Jewels is the event that covers fashion accessories, trendy jewellery, beachwear, components and colourful semi-precious stones widely used for promotional campaigns.
HOMI Fashion&Jewels is an ever-evolving hub which twice a year (in February and September) brings together all those who work in the sector.

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